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The use of Bee Venom to treat health conditions is known as Bee Venom Therapy or Bee Sting Therapy.

The main active component in Bee Venom is Melittin. Research indicates that this maybe one of the most powerful anti inflammatory agents - up to 100 times more potent than hydrocortisone.


Benefits of Bee Venom Therapy

Bee venom is believed to reduce inflammation, promote healing and offers natural pain relief. Some medical practitioners use it as a therapy for painful conditions like multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Apihealth, a leading producer of bee venom products suggest that their apivenz bee venom is good for people suffering from rheumatoid diseases of joints and muscles, neurological diseases, and functional disorders of muscles and chords.

How to Use:

Traditionally, bee venom therapy was administered with live bees by stimulating them to sting in the affected area. Now you can get the benefits without the pain by using bee venom cream, tablets or simply by eating bee venom honey.

Bee Venom Masks have also become very very popular over the last few years, we are now stocking the apibeaute bee venom masks by apihealth.


About Bee Venom Honey

We stock a range of Bee Venom Honeys that combine the additional health benefits of New Zealand Manuka Honey and other natural supplements such as glucosamine and propolis.

They are all designed to support Joint Mobility and APIHealth's trade mark VENZ 25+ guarantees that every 5 gram of bee venom honey contains 1/2 a bee sting


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