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Kill Infections Fast

The antibacterial effects of Manuka Honey have now been proven in a number of studies that demonstrate it is effective against a broad range of microorganisms, including multiresistant strains.

One of it's main applications is to use it as a topical antibacterial dressing and it is now possible to buy standardised, medical honey products containing Manuka Honey.

Medihoney are one of the leaders in this field, their Antibacterial Honey is a combination of Leptospermum honeys that has been put together using advanced scientific knowledge to maximise honey's potential to heal.


Superior Woundcare

In it's natural state Manuka honey has strong antibacterial properties, however it is not medical grade. To treat infected wounds the sterility of the chosen antibacterial honey is obviously very important.

In order to meet the requirements to be certified as medical grade, the following products have been sterilized by gamma radiation and have met hygiene standards.


Other Medical Honey Products

Manuka Honey's antibacterial properties mean it is also being used to make other products of a medical nature. The oral health products below all contain Manuka Honey that is certified to be active - under the UMF or MGO systems.

They offer you a natural way of maintaining oral hygiene and soothing sore throats.


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