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Here's a Quick Way to Relieve Muscle Soreness

Posted June, 2011 by Aliveplushoney

Most of us have experienced the feeling of waking up in the morning to sore muscles - whether its due to a vigorous gym workout, being more active than usual, chopping firewood all day, or from taking a few knocks. If you want an effective, all-natural and inexpensive way to relieve muscle soreness you should try the Tui Balms.

Its not much fun hobbling around feeling sorry for yourself and there's the frustration of having to wait before you can resume full training again, or even just to get mobile and do the things you want to do.

But don't curse your muscles and wait passively, if you help them they'll help you and you can get back to full strength a bit quicker.

Why do balms work so well?

They have a beeswax base which provides great friction when rubbed into the sore muscles. They are also infused with herbs and essential oils that have powerful healing qualities. A few examples are:

  • Arnica - derived from flowers, used for soothing aches, reducing inflammation and promoting healing
  • Manuka Oil - from the Manuka tree, penetrates deep into your muscles and assists healing
  • Camphor - derived from wood sources, is absorbed through the skin and acts like a mild local anesthetic

They come in convenient plastic pots so you can carry them around with you and apply when necessary.

Give and Receive Regular Massages

They are a great massage medium and you don't have to worry about spillage as with oils.

Massage is probably the best thing you can do for your sore muscles. If you can't always afford one, or you don't seem to find the time, try persuading your partner or a friend to do a swap with you. It's a great way to relieve muscle soreness and stress at the same time.

But are Balms as powerful as medications?

Often with natural products, we naturally assume they aren't going to be as powerful as pharmaceutical products. This assumption isn't completely accurate however. We tend to forget that all pharmaceuticals were actually developed based on natural ingredients in the first place, and that nature is full of extremely potent remedies. Some are so potent that you need to take all the precautions you do with strong pharmacy drugs.

2 Powerful Natural Products that Relieve Muscle Soreness

The Tui range contains two particularly effective and powerful products for reducing muscle pain and assisting recovery. The cooling and soothing and warming and easing balms. Now these products contain a variety of natural oils, the properties of which are as follows:

- Cooling and Soothing Balm:

  • Arnica Oil - see above
  • Hypericum oil - also known as St John's Wort, it is used to treat nerve tissue damage, bruises, inflammation of muscles and skin
  • Essential Oils of Yarrow & Chamomile - both are herbal treatments for inflammation

- Warming and Easing Balm:

  • Black Pepper - for pain relief, it increases circulation, helps with exhaustion and relieves muscle soreness
  • Cajuput - derived from the cajuput tree, it is used to treat arthritis and rheumatism. Muscular aches and pains can also benefit from it
  • Camphor - see above
  • Peppermint (dementholated) - suitable for mental and physical fatigue and reducing muscle soreness
  • Capsicum Oil - heat producing oil for tired aching muscles and also deep penetrating relief of arthritis and joint conditions

The warming and easing balm was designed specifically for the relief of muscle stiffness and joint pain, whereas the cooling and soothing balm is especially useful for repetitive strain injury, muscle strain, bruising and inflammation resulting from impact injuries.

The Benefits of the Balms

So you can see that by using balms you can get fast acting relief from muscle soreness that is not only powerful but has two key benefits over medications:

  • They smell much better and are actually good for your skin
  • No un-natural compounds and chemicals for your body to process

So if you don't want to be slowed down by niggling injuries and muscle soreness, do give these great natural beeswax balms a try.


Get back to your best, get back to training, enjoy the freedom to move!




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