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Nelson Honey Nectar Ease Capsules

Nelson Honey Nectar Ease Capsules
Product Use : Joint Health, Immunity Boosting.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Nelson Honey
1 container of Nelson Honey Nectar Ease Capsules 250mg 100 capsulesUSD $46.60
2 containers of Nelson Honey Nectar Ease Capsules 250mg 200 capsulesUSD $91.72
3 containers of Nelson Honey Nectar Ease Capsules 250mg 300 capsulesUSD $136.20
5 containers of Nelson Honey Nectar Ease Capsules 250mg 500 capsulesUSD $224.65
Information - Nelson Honey Nectar Ease Capsules

Nectar Ease capsules contain the same natural Manuka honey and venom as described for Nectar Ease. Nectar Ease in liquid form is dried, then added to capsules with Maltodextrin. Nectar Ease is a blend of Manuka Honey and Bee Venom.

The properties of the Manuka plant have been a traditional part of folk lore throughout New Zealand's settled history and recent laboratory and medical evidence using Manuka Honey supports the worth of this valuable natural resource.

Bee-sting therapy has been used for centuries in several cultures.

In Nectar Ease we have a convenient method of taking Bee Venom, combined with the benefits of Manuka honey.


Naturally occurring chemical compounds in the venom (e.g. Melittin, Apamine) assist by stimulating the production of cortisone in the human body. Venom's anti-oxidant qualities also make it effective as a booster for the immune system.



Each 250mg Nectar Ease capsule contains the equivalent venom from 1.2 bee stings, dried Manuka honey and 190mg Maltodextrin. The vegetarian capsules are made with HPM Cellulose. Product size: 100 capsules x 250mg

Important Notes

Precaution - people with bee allergies should seek medical advice. We recommend starting with 1 capsule per day, increasing to 3-4 daily. No bees are harmed in the bee venom collection process


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