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The Story behind Aliveplus Honey


Aliveplus Honey has grown naturally as an offshoot from the wider Aliveplus Healthcare Network. We have had many years experience selling a comprehensive range of pharmacy, beauty and general health products to customers throughout the world.

Being based in the Waikato district of New Zealand we are surrounded by green pastures and beautiful natural environments. With the ever-growing popularity of natural health products we decided to put our trusted distribution service to good use and make it possible for worldwide customers to improve their health naturally.

Manuka Honey and Bee products were the obvious choice, the scientific evidence supporting these products is very strong and besides that - we have our own beehives on the property!

The next step was to visit many of our local producers and beekeepers and see what they had to offer you, our customers worldwide.


Our Aim

Put simply, we aim to:

  • Provide people around the world a chance to benefit from New Zealand's best quality Manuka Honey and Bee Products
  • Allow our customers to buy with peace of mind and receive products hassle-free


We do this by hunting out the best products in our nation and by being contactable and open throughout the entire shipping and purchase process. You can always call us.

We hope that your health will benefit from the products on the Aliveplus Honey website and we will endeavor to provide you with quality information about Manuka honey and bee products, their uses, benefits and any new discoveries.



Good Health,

The Aliveplus Honey Team





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