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Manuka Doctor


Manuka Doctor ApiClear Blemish Cream 25ml
Keep your blemishes under control with this cream from the apiclear range. It is non-greasy, cools the skin as it repairs, and it also provides a topical antiseptic to assist healing.
Manuka Doctor ApiClear Facial Moisturising Lotion 150ml
Quickly absorbed by your skin, this nutritious lotion will leave your skin moisturised and refreshed. The natural shine of your skin will also be enhanced, and the lotion works to maintain an optimal oil balance.
Manuka Doctor ApiClear Facial Toner 150ml
This toner form the Apicare range is great when your skin is not at it's best. It purifys and revitalises, calms troubled areas and lets you get back in control, looking and feeling 100%.
Manuka Doctor ApiClear Foaming Cleanser 100ml
Eliminate day to day problems and enjoy a more radiant complexion! This foaming cleanser fights any buildups of toxins, deals to excess sebum production and removes dead skin cells - this results in a visible improvement of your skin's clearness.
Manuka Doctor ApiClear Range Introductory Kit
Introduce yourself to the Apiclear Range of skincare products with this great kit! It has 3 products which can be used in a 3 step process to improve the appearance of your skin. It is intended that they be used as part of your daily skincare program. Kit contains ApiClear Foaming Cleanser, Skin Treatment Serum & Facial Moisturising Lotion.
Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Ease & Repair Gel 25ml
Cool & calm irritated skin quickly with the Apicare Skin Ease & Repair Gel. It is light weight and easily absored by your skin - you won't experience any stickyness after applying the gel.
Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum 30ml
By assisting your skin cells to regenerate, this oil-free serum will reduce the appearance of any fine lines or scars you may have. It is incredibly hydrating and will improve the texture of your skin too.
Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Age-Defying Serum 30ml
A hydrating treatment that recharges the skin, producing a healthier looking, hydrated complexion.
Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Foot & Heel Cream 75ml
A rich & hydrating cream giving moisture boosting absorption.
Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Hydrating Facial Cleanser 100ml
This rejuvenating & replenishing, rich & creamy cleanser stimulates natural collagen production, thoroughly cleanses skin, removes make-up & leaves skin looking visibly radiant & more youthful.
Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask 50ml
A deep penetrating & hydrating mask that nurtures natural cell regeneration & assists with the renewal of damaged skin cells.
Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Repairing Skin Cream 50ml
This light weight non-greasy cream delivers a perfect balance of intense hydration & purified nutrients that accelerate skin regeneration.
Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Restoring Night Cream 50ml
A rich night cream that hydrates skin, restoring lost moisture & skins radiance.


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