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Health Honey Blends


As you may have heard, Manuka Honey from New Zealand has strong antibacterial properties and eating it regularly is very beneficial for your general well-being.

To address specific health issues, the following health honey blends have been created by combining Manuka Honey with other ingredients that are well known for their health giving properties.

Most of them contain Manuka and other bee product extracts such as bee venom and propolis, but some contain non-bee products, for example green tea honey and aloe honey.


Health Honey Uses

Each Health Honey has been blended with a different purpose in mind so please read each products description to find out which health issues it can assist you with.

As a guideline though:

  • Bee Venom Honey with Glucosamine - Joint Mobility and Function
  • Bee Pollen Honey - General Wellness
  • Propolis Honey - Immunity Boosting
  • Ginseng Honey - Strengthening, Well-being, stamina
  • Green Tea Honey - Detoxifying, Anti-aging, immunity
  • Aloe Honey - Digestive Health
  • Royal Jelly Honey - Immunity, Hormonal balance for women, Mental function
  • Deer Antler Honey - Immunity, Joint Health, Strength, Blood Circulation



API Health Manuka VENZ - Bee Venom Honey
The Manuka VENZ contains Manuka Honey & Bee Venom. Supports immune system, joint mobility and skin condition.
API Health Manuka Pro VENZ - Bee Venom & Propolis Honey
The Manuka Pro VENZ contains Manuka Honey, Propolis & Bee Venom. Supports immune system, joint mobility, digestive and respiratory health.
API Health Manuka VENZ Ginseng - Bee Venom & Ginseng Honey
The Manuka VENZ Ginseng by API Health contains Manuka Honey, Ginseng Extract & Bee Venom. Helps with energy, stress, physical activity & joint mobility.
API Health Manuka Pollen VENZ - Bee Venom & Bee Pollen Honey
The Manuka Pollen VENZ by API Health contains Manuka Honey, Bee Pollen & Bee Venom. Supports immune system, joint mobility, digestive system, and physical activity.
API Health Manuka Gluco VENZ - Bee Venom & Glucosamine Honey
The Manuka Gluco VENZ by API Health contains Manuka Honey, Glucosamine & Bee Venom. Supports Joint Mobility & Soft Tissues.
API Health Manuka and Propolis Honey
Specially formulated Propolis extract blended with New Zealand Manuka honey. API Health propolis products contain high levels of bioflavanoids. Good for Immune Support.
API Health Manuka and Bee Pollen Honey
Active Bee Pollen extract blended with NZ Manuka Honey benefits immune system, enhances energy & activity, good for teenagers.
API Health Deer Antler Manuka Honey
Deer Antler Honey is an innovative NZ product by API Health, a special blend of New Zealand Manuka Honey and pure Deer Antler extract. Immune Booster, Joint Support, Muscle Strength.
API Health Manuka and Ginseng Honey
Manufactured with traditional Chinese technology, API Health's Manuka and Ginseng Honey strengthens the body, improves intellectual faculties and supports immunity.
Manuka Health Fresh Royal Jelly in MGO 400+ Manuka Honey
Fresh Royal Jelly is blended in MGO 400+ Manuka Honey by Manuka Health to enhance your well-being in a number of ways.
Manuka Health MGO 250+ Manuka Honey with Green Tea Extract
A high concentration of pure EGCG (the most poweful antioxidant compound in green tea) blended with MGO 250+ Manuka Honey to promote good health and well-being.
Manuka Health MGO 250+ Manuka Honey & ACTIValoe Gel
An innovative, all natural formula - Manuka Health have combined organic Aloe Vera gel with MGO 250+ Manuka Honey to aid digestion and maintain digestive health.


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