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Natural Anti Inflammatories for Dogs and Cats


Tablets & Bee Venom Honey for Your Dogs, Cats & Horses

These products have been designed to minimize your pets joint discomfort and to maintain and restore joint mobility. The main active ingredient is Bee Venom, or more specifically Melittin - the active component of Bee Venom which is used to treat Arthritis and other Joint ailments.

These natural anti inflammatories for dogs, cats and horses also contain other natural ingredients such as glucosamine, greenshell mussel powder and fish oil. These also have a supportive effect on Joint Function.


Free Your Pets from Joint Pain without Medication - Try Bee Sting Therapy

The use of Bee Venom to assist with health issues such as Joint Mobility is known as Bee Sting Therapy, and traditionally it has been administered by getting bees to sting the affected area.

Fortunately these products come in a much easier form, tablets and as a joint relief honey for dogs, cats & horses to eat daily. The Honey is New Zealand Manuka Honey, known for it's antibacterial properties. In addition to being a joint aid for your pets, it is also used for general well-being and digestive function.



API Health Joint Relief Honey for Pets
Joint Relief Honey for Pets by API Health to support Joint Mobility for dogs, cats and horses. Combines bee venom with NZ honey and fish oil for Omega 3 fatty acids.
API Health Joint Relief Tablets for Pets
Joint Relief Tablets for Pets that are chewable and contain pure New Zealand bee venom, glucosamine & green shell mussels which assist with joint mobility in dogs, cats, horses.


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