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Products to Relieve Muscle Pain and Stiffness


Here's a Quick Way to Ease Muscle Pain and Recover Faster

These Balms and Oils can be massaged directly into the affected areas after workouts, sports or other physical activities.

They are all designed to relieve muscle pain and stiffness but each has slightly different ingredients to provide specific effects.

Some of them have strong anti inflammatory properties which are useful for repetitive strain injuries, muscle strains, bruising and inflammation resulting from impact injuries. Others contain active herbal ingredients that are renowned traditionally for the relief of muscular stiffness and joint pain.



Tui Cooling & Soothing Balm
Tui Cooling & Soothing Balm is a powerful anti-inflammatory Balm for application to specific body areas, especially after sporting or other physical activities. Contains Arnica, Hypericum, Yarrow and Chamomile.
Tui Warming & Easing Balm
The active herbal ingredients in the Tui Warming & Easing Balm are renowned for the relief of muscular stiffness and joint pain. A powerful effective natural alternative for chronic pain.
Tui Myofascial Release Balm
A powerful healer with high Arnica content, Tui Fascial Release Balm is specifically designed for working on the Fascia fibrous wrapping of the body.
Tui Balms Massage Pack 4 x
The Tui Balms Massage Pack is an ideal gift, includes four different beeswax massage balms. Scents include Lavender, Orange Spice, Sports & Pacific Nights.
ApiVENZ Bee Venom Relief Cream
APIVENZ Relief Bee Venom Cream is for people suffering from rheumatoid diseases of joints and muscles, neurological diseases, functional disorders of muscles and chords.
Bee Venom Balm 30g
A topical cream featuring pure bee venom.


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