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What is Active Manuka Honey?

Active Manuka Honey is the name given to honeys that contain a powerful antibacterial property that makes them suitable for a variety of external and internal uses. All honeys have a small amount of antibacterial activity due to the hydrogen peroxide they contain, but it is of limited effectiveness. Only Manuka Honey has the stronger more stable effect which is often referred to as non-peroxide activity.

Manuka Honey is produced by bees from the flowers of the manuka bush (leptospermum scoparium) and this is where the strong antibacterial properties come from. It grows uncultivated throughout New Zealand.

It is also important to note that not all Manuka Honeys are active to the same extent, some have a much stronger antibacterial effect than others. When purchasing Active Manuka Honey you can check the activity level thanks to the UMF rating system, and the lesser used MGO rating system.


How to Use Manuka Honey and get Maximum Benefits:

Due to the wide variety in the strength of manuka honeys, we have provided you with the following information to ensure you choose one that will have the most positive effects on your health. Manuka honey can be used in the home, both in its pure form to aid digestion and for first aid as ointments and dressings.


Active Manuka Honey Uses - Internal

For internal use, Active Manuka Honey is generally eaten by the teaspoon. Always read instructions or seek advice regarding the best dosage for you.


Active Manuka Honey Uses - External

Manuka honey is also very effective externally. It is being used in hospitals and has proven to be very effective in treating antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA.

To treat external conditions any Active Manuka Honey above UMF10 is recommended and it can be applied topically to the skin. Read instructions before using.

It may be used to treat Diabetic wounds,Sores,Burns (First, Second, and Third Degree), skin ulcers, open & infected wounds, scars, acne, surgical wounds, general cuts and scratches.

If your health problem is serious in nature, always seek professional medical advice before using Manuka Honey.


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