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Get the Facts before You Buy Bee Venom Therapy Products

Posted June, 2011 by Aliveplushoney

What does bee venom look like and how long can it be stored?

Honey Bee Venom is a colorless fluid. It becomes a white powder like material after drying, if it is protected from oxidation. If it is not protected from oxidation the color will change from white to brownish yellow. Changes caused by oxidation may decrease its healing effect.

Bee venom can be stored for five years or more provided it is kept away from heat and light. It will not lose its toxicity, but its healing effects may be reduced through storage. Freeze-drying bee venom is perhaps the most effective method of preserving it.

How is Bee Venom Therapy administered?

Traditionally bee venom was administered with live bees by stimulating them to sting in the area which was affected. Now days you can find bee venom in a rich source of pharmaceutically active components and products such as creams, liniments, ointments,salves or injection forms for treating different human complaints.

Api health from New Zealand are industry leaders in the research and development of Bee Venom products. You can buy their bee venom cream and bee venom honeys from Aliveplus Honey.

What is Bee Venom used for?

Bee venom therapy is part of apitherapy and is basically the use of bee venom in the treatment of health conditions. Apitherapy is the use of beehive products, including honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom.

It has been used since ancient times to treat arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, skin diseases and more recently as an alternative therapy to treat multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some scientists believe that bee venom can modify the way the immune system functions in the body and increase cortisol production.

It is also said that Bee Venom is a natural alternative to Botox and several high profile celebrities have been applying bee venom cream as a mask in the hope of looking more youthful.

You can now purchase these "natural facelifts" from Aliveplushoney as we are stocking the range from Apihealth who are bee venom experts. Click here to see their apibeaute bee venom mask.

How is Bee Venom Collected? Are the Bees Harmed?

Bee venom comes from the stingers of honey bees who use it to defend the bee colony. It is now collected without harming the bees. This is done using devices that stimulate the bees and get them to sting a glass plate. Their stingers remain intact and very few bees are harmed. The pure bee venom is then collected from the plate to be used in bee venom therapy products.

Is Bee Venom Therapy Dangerous?

Many people use bee venom products and report only positive effects. However if you are someone who suffers allergic reactions to bee stings you should definitely seek medical advice before using.

As with many ointments and creams, avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes and areas of broken skin.

Relieve Joint Pain with Pure Bee Venom Cream

bee venom cream apivenz


A topical cream featuring pure bee venom. Apivenz Bee Venom Relief Cream was manufactured with the use of New Zealand's pure bee venom and natural oils. It is good for people suffering from rheumatoid diseases of joints and muscles, neurological diseases, functional disorders of muscles and chords.

Apply small amounts of the cream to the painful area and leave on for a few minutes. If necessary, the cream can be applied two times daily. Do not use on broken skin or areas with dermatitis.

You can also get the benefits of bee venom therapy by taking these bee venom tablets.

Where can I Buy Bee Venom Products?

At Aliveplus Honey we have a range of products for bee venom therapy and bee venom honey.

The VENZ honeys combine pure Bee Venom with New Zealand Manuka Honey and eating them is a pleasant way to support your Joint health on an ongoing basis.





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