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Lorimers Multifloral Bee Pollen Granules

Lorimers Multifloral Bee Pollen Granules
Product Use : Immunity Support, Physical Stamina, Digestive Health - Metabolism
Classification : General Health Product
1 pot of Lorimers Multifloral Bee Pollen Granules 250g USD $24.30
2 pots of Lorimers Multifloral Bee Pollen Granules 250g USD $47.90
3 pots of Lorimers Multifloral Bee Pollen Granules 250g USD $71.13
5 pots of Lorimers Multifloral Bee Pollen Granules 250g USD $117.40
Information - Lorimers Multifloral Bee Pollen Granules

A daily teaspoon of Lorimer's pure New Zealand Bee Pollen Granules from SummerGlow Apiaries will help to maintain a balanced healthy diet.

Bee pollen is one of the most nutritious foods that nature provides. It has virtually all the vitamins, minerals , enzymes, amino acids and trace minerals needed by the human body.

New Zealand Bee Pollen is collected from the many flowers growing in the remote and unpolluted New Zealand countryside.

Summerglow pollen is then dried at no higher than 37 degrees celsius - this is the honey hive temperature. Temperatures greater than hive temperature destroy the vital live enzymes and nutrients of pollen.


Summerglow's Bee Pollen Granules health benefits:

  • a rejuvenant helping restore ageing skin, increase vigour and energy.
  • A stamina builder - bee pollen is used by many athletes.
  • Helps to reduce weight by correcting any chemical imbalance of the metabolism.
  • Helps to build immunity to pollen allergies (which are caused by breathing in anemophyle pollens carried by the wind). The entomphyle pollens gathered by the bees act as a shield against these wind borne pollens.
  • Helps to keep the circulatory system functioning well due to the presence of Rutin (strengthens the system) and Vitamin B6 (helps in prevention of arteriosclerosis).

How to Use:

  • On its own taken by the spoon straight from the jar. More beneficial if taken in the morning.
  • Sprinkle on to breakfast cereals, desserts, salads, toast with other spreads such as honey or peanut butter.
  • Stir into salad dressings, drinks such as juice or milkshakes
  • Make into homemade candies mixed with dried fruits, raisins, dates, figs, seeds and nuts



Lorimer's Multifloral Bee Pollen is 100% pure New Zealand pollen in its totally natural granule form.

Important Notes

If you are an allergy sufferer it may be beneficial to start taking only a couple of granules at a time and slowly build up to the daily dose.


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